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"Fighting Misinformation"
"The Surveillance State"
Simon Senek: Social Media George Orwell Biography Fighting Misinformation Guide Book The Suurveillance State Guide Book
Dystopia & the War for Your Attention Fighting Misinformation Transcript  
Novel Study Guide (PDF)
1984 Overview Document (PDF) Ten Things You Didn't Know About Orwell 1. The Misinformation Threat 9. Big Data's Shadow
1984 Newspeak Dictionary (PDF) Characters in 1984 2. The Evolution of Media and Misinformation 10. Biometrics: Eyes, Fingers, Everything
  1984's Context 3. Misinformation and the Brain 11. Geolocation: Tracking You and Your Data
TED Talk Rubric (PDF) Summary of the Novel 4. Seeing Through Visual Misinformation 12. Internet Surveillance
  Symbols in the Novel 5. Countering Fakes and Stereotypes in the Media 13. Your Personal Data is the Product
Simon Senek: Social Media Themes in 1984 6. Journalistic Verification Skills
7. Assessing Science and Health News
8. Technology, Misinformation, and the Future