History 10 Midterm
The midterm has five objective questions and four short answer questions. The objective questions are four "True/False & Why" questions and one ordering. The short answer questions are based on the first four units we have studied so far this semester. The short answer questions account for over 90% of the value of the midterm.

In order to prepare for your midterm, look at the following handouts, videos, PowerPoints and/or websites:

Unit 1: Feudalism
Feudalism & Medieval Society

Feudalism & Democracy Compared

Unit 2: Crusades
The Emergence of the Nation State

Religion & Politics Website

Unit 3: Scotland
Scotland's Politics

Historical Forces (Video)

Unit 4: 100 Years' War
France's Politics

Historiography (PPT)

Feel free to come talk to your teacher about any questions you might have with respect to what you read. If your teacher isn't around feel free to email him at rdelainey@lcbi.sk.ca.