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Unit 1: Law & Society

Chapter1: Our Legal Heritage

Pages 7 to 33

The laws of a society reflect the values and beliefs of the people in that society. Unit 1 examines the structure of the Canadian legal system and some of the historical influences that helped shape it.

Chapter One Outline (PDF) Chapter 1 End Review Activity (GAME) 1 Dumb Laws Primer (PPT)  
Chapter One Outline (DOC) Chapter 1: Law in Action Website 2 Rule of Law Explained (PPT) Rule of Law
  3 A Law is Good If... (PPT)  
Chapter One Assignments (PDF)   4 Foundations of the Law (PPT) Foundations of the Law
    5 Legal Interpretations (PPT)  
  POST CHAPTER: What is Justice? (SMART BOARD) 6 Procedural vs. Substantive Law (PPT)  
Unit 3: Classifying Law

Chapter 2: Classifying Law

Pages 34 to 47

In Canada laws originate from three souces: from the Canadian Constitution (constitutional law), from elected representatives (statute law), and from previous legal decisions (common law). Unit 2 examines different classifcations of law and their application.

Chapter Two Outline (PDF) Chapter 2 End Review Activity (GAME)    
  Chapter 2: Classifying the Law (Law in Action Website)    
Chapter Two Assignments (PDF) Sources of the Law (SMART)    
  International & Domestic Law (SMART)    
  Substantive & Procedural Law (SMART)    
  Stare Decisis (SMART)    
Unit 4: International Law

Chapter 3: International Law

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International law, sometimes referred to as the law of nations, is the set of rules, norms, and standards generally accepted in relations between nations; it establishes the normative guidelines and a common conceptual framework to guide states across a broad range of domains, including war, diplomacy, trade, and human rights. The focus of this unit will be on the Nuremberg Trials as it relates to significant human rights abuses by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Conspiracy War Crimes Assignment Nuremberg Trials (POWERPOINT) Red Cross Sumary Geneva Convention (PDF)  
Unit Reading Questions (DOC)      
Unit Reading Questions (PDF)      

Unit 5 : The Nature of Crime & the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 6: The Nature of Crime

Pages138 to 160

Crime happens everywhere; it has an impact on every community in Canada and on every community around th eworld. Criminals cause immeasurable grief and suffering to their victims and cost our country billions of dollars in damages every year. Understanding cirminal law--why it is necessary and how it functions in society--is a serious and important matter for all Canadians. After completing this chapter, you 'll be able to describe the elements that must exist for a person to be charged with and convicted of a crime under Canadian law. You will learn how to differentiate between the people or "partieis" involved in the commision of a crime. You will also be able to explain why some serious crimes are called "incomplete" crimes.

Chapter Six Exam Outline

The Nature of Crime

The Elments of a Crime

Chapter Six Soccer Shoot Review Game
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Chapter Six: Law in Action Website


The Nature of Crime

Mens rea and the Participants in a Crime