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Unit 1: Law & Society

Chapter1: Our Legal Heritage

Pages 7 to 33

The laws of a society reflect the values and beliefs of the people in that society. Unit 1 examines the structure of the Canadian legal system and some of the historical influences that helped shape it.

Chapter One Outline (PDF) Chapter 1 End Review Activity (GAME) 1 Dumb Laws Primer (PPT)  
Chapter One Outline (DOC) Chapter 1: Law in Action Website 2 Rule of Law Explained (PPT) Rule of Law
  3 A Law is Good If... (PPT)  
Chapter One Assignments (PDF)   4 Foundations of the Law (PPT) Foundations of the Law
    5 Legal Interpretations (PPT)  
  POST CHAPTER: What is Justice? (SMART BOARD) 6 Procedural vs. Substantive Law (PPT)  
Unit 3: Classifying Law

Chapter 2: Classifying Law

Pages 34 to 47

In Canada laws originate from three souces: from the Canadian Constitution (constitutional law), from elected representatives (statute law), and from previous legal decisions (common law). Unit 2 examines different classifcations of law and their application.

Chapter Two Outline (PDF) Chapter 2 End Review Activity (GAME)    
  Chapter 2: Classifying the Law (Law in Action Website)    
Chapter Two Assignments (PDF) Sources of the Law (SMART)    
  International & Domestic Law (SMART)    
  Substantive & Procedural Law (SMART)    
  Stare Decisis (SMART)