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May 22nd
Please note that the updated calendar below (and as always hit f5 everytime you visit this page to make sure you see all updates). Also, be advised that the
audio-visual presentations must be presented on the days they have been listed, i.e. there's a logical order to follow which must be preserved.

Monday, May 25th

1. Work period.

Presenters (see page 27 of the novel study for info on the audio-visual presentation assignment).

A detailed explanation of each topic can be found on pages 29 and 30 of the novel study. The order of topics and presenters is listed below. Use the week to prepare. The first two presenters go on Tuesday, June 2nd.

Ella Topic 1
Kately-Emily Topic 2
Lawrenne Topic 3
Liam Topic 4
Anton Topic 5
Leah-Rebecca Topic 6

Tuesday, May 26th

1. Work period.

Wednesday, May 27th

1. Work period.

Thursday, May 28th

1. Work period.

Friday, May 29th

1. Work period.

Monday, June 1st

1. Work period.

Tuesday, June 2nd

1. Google Meet at 2:30.

- Ella presents topic 1
-Katelyn-Emily presents topic 2

Wednesday, June 3rd

1. Google Meet at 8:45.

-Lawrenne presents topic 3
-Liam presents topic 4

Thursday, June 4th

1. Google Meet at 2:30.

-Anton presents topic 5
-Leah-Rebecca present topc 6

Friday, June 5th

1. Google Meet at 8:45. Today we'll get organized for the Schindler's List unit.