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June 6th
Class cancelled today. Updated calendar.

Monday, May 18th

1. No classes holiday.

Tuesday, May 19th

1. No classes holiday.

Wednesday, May 20th

1. Final draft due today. If you have not already done so, you must share your document with me today. We start a new unit tomorrow.

Marks will be deducted for late work.

Thursday, May 21st

1. Google Meet at 11:15. We introduce Night today.

2. Everyone should download a copy of the book, e.g. see link Elie Wiesel's Night.

3. Go through the "First They Came" PowerPoint (which introduces the setting and context for Night).

4. Close the class by presenting Wiesel's "Why We Remember" quote.

5. If there's time, try to complete some of tomorrow's work.


Friday, May 22nd

1. Google Meet at 9:45. I will introduce the novel long assignment and any other relevant files.

2. Introduce the "Catalogue Experiences" Novel Study Assignment. Explain what it's about and illustrate the assignment's nature by playing two "It Experience" videos.

3. Reading assignment: read pages 10 to 24. This is the introduction and foreward to Night. Reading this opening is vitally important to understanding the overall composition.

Note: I am not using the novel's page numbers but the page numbers provided by your browser for the PDF file.

Monday, May 25th

1. Reading assignment: read pages 28 to 42 while also completing any relevant work related to the "Catalogue Assignment".

Tuesday, May 26th

1. Reading assignment: read 43 to 54 while completing the relevant research work as per the "Catalogue Assignment".

Wednesday, May 27th

1. Reading assignment: read 55 to 66 and complete your research.

Thursday, May 28th

1. Reading assignment: read pages 67 to 78 and complete relevant research.

Friday, May 29th

1. Reading assignment: read 79 to 90 and complete relevant research.

Monday, June 1st

1. Reading assignment: read 91 to 102 while completing any relevant research.

Tuesday, June 2nd

1. Reading assignment: read 103 to 119 completing any associated research.

Wednesday, June 3rd

1. Class cancelled. We'll see if we can make up the missed work on Friday.

Reading assignment: complete the remainder of the novel.

Thursday, June 4th

1. Go to the unit's web page and watch the video Winfrey & Wiesel (see row 4).

2. For tomorrow's class read "Holocaust Denialism Introduction".

Friday, June 5th

1. Google Meet at 9:45. We'll get organized for the Holocaust Denialism group assignment.

2. Open the Perspectives on Antisemitism Assignment. Read instructions and organize students into their expert groups.


Monday, June 8th

1. Expert groups meet today to listen to their podcast and summarize the contents.

Tomorrow the different blended groups get together to complete the activity as per the handout's instructions.

Tuesday, June 9th

1. Blended groups meet together and complete the Holocaust Denialism assignment.

Consider making use of a shared Google Doc. Odds are you can copy and paste everything into this doc and make short work of it.

Discuss the different podcasts with one another though; don't just dump a bunch of information on to a file and share it with me.

By the way, every blended group must share their completed work with me (rdelainey@lcbi.sk.ca).

Wednesday, June 10th

1. Google Meet at 9:45. Today I'll introduce the concept of "theodicy" (which will help us navigate the remainder of the unit/semester).

2. Go through "Theodicy Introductory PowerPoint" as a group. Consider breaking the presentation up by watching one or both of the associated videos.

3. Assignment: read Belief in an Age of Doubt. You'll notice there are questions at the bottom of this reading. Complete these questions and submit them to me through Google Docs. This is a marked individual assignment. Complete this reading and questions and the reading below for Friday's class.

Homework: read Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.

Thursday, June 11th

1. Work period.

Friday, June 12th

1. Work Period. Download and present the PowerPoint "Understanding Poetry Through Dickinson".

3. Organize students into groups to analyze the two poems found in the "Providence and Theodicy" assignment. This is due for Tuesday, June 16th.

Monday, June 15th

1. Work period. Complete the "Providence and Theology" poetry assignment.

Share the completed group assignment with me for tomorrow's class.

Tuesday, June 16th

1. Work period.

2. Open the Summative Assessment Assignment and go through it.

Students have the remainder of the year to finish the assignment.

Wednesday, June 17th

1. Work period.

Thursday, June 18th

1. Work period.

Friday, June 19th

1. Work period.

The final summative assignment is due for Wednesday, June 23rd. You can submit it earlier than that if you like.