HISTORY 30: Unit Plan & News
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If you have not already done so, please register for a Quia account by clicking here. Quia is how students will complete and received feedback
for exams.

April 6th

Next meeting is on Wednesday. We'll talk about the "Westminister" essay; and we'll talk briefly about the midterm process. As always please let me know if
you need any assistance. I'm here to help. Don't forget to check your email regularly (three times daily if possible).

Monday, March 30th

1. Meeting 1:30 pm sharp. Log into Google Hangout/Meet. We will meet to get organized for the days and weeks to come.

In particular I want to get set up to talk about the rescheduled exam for unit 3 for Wednesday.

Whatever time remains today (and tomorrow) is used for studying for exam 3 and completing assignment 3.

Tuesday, March 31st

1. Work/study period.

2. Practice logging into your Quia account just to make sure you are able to log into the test tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 1st

1. Writing exam 3: 1:30 pm.

The exam consists of two parts. Both are timed. There's a limited window in which you can start each test.

You must log in to your Quia account and complete them within a 60 minute period. They will become available at 1:30 and unavailable at 2:30.

Write Part 1: Objective Test by clicking here. 12 min time limit.

Write Part 2: Written Test by clicking here. 40 min time limit.

Honor Policy: do not consult your notes or any external source of information to write either exam.


Thursday, April 2nd

1. Meeting 9:45 am sharp. Log into Google Hangout/Meet.

During the meeting I'll introduce the skills and objectives for section 4.

We'll also set a pace for when readings and assignments should be completed.

Note: technically speaking, assignment 4 is really a preparation document for the midterm. The first part of assignment 4 could be completed while completing the reading for unit 4.



Friday, April 3rd

1. Read 4.0 War of 1812.

2. Read the essay "Tecumseh".

3. Complete any associated essay questions and glossary terms.

Monday, April 6th

1. Meeting 1:30 pm sharp. Log into Google Hangout/Meet.

During today's meeting we'll discuss the essay questions specifically associated with the "Tecumseh" essay. I'll answer any questions you might have about the War of 1812, as well (or help you understand glossary terms).

Note: the glossary is found on assignment 4. There is no unit 4 test. Unit 4 is covered in the midterm.

2. Read 4.1 Road to Rebellion.

3. Read the essay "The Westminster System".


Tuesday, April 7th

1. Work period. Read 4.1 and the essay "The Westminster System".

2. Complete any associated questions and glossary terms.

If you have spare time, consider writing a practice test or play one of the available review games. You'll have to enable Flash to play some of the games, i.e. Google stopped Flash animation support as of December 2019. You can enable Flash by going to Google's settings and in the search box just type in Flash.

Wednesday, April 8th

1. Meeting 1:30 pm sharp. Log into Google Hangout/Meet.

During today's meeting we'll discuss any questions associated with the "Westminster System" essay.

2. You'll have the remainder of today's class, Thursday and Friday to read 4.2 Rebellions and 4.3 Responsible Government; complete the associated glossary terms; write practice tests; play review games.

Thursday, April 9th

1. Work period. See previous day (item 2).

Friday, April 10th

Easter Break begins.

Monday, April 20th

1. Meeting 1:30 pm sharp. Log into Google Hangout/Meet.

Today we'll spend ten minutes or so playing the whole class review game for unit 4.

I'll introduce and explain what the next week or so will look like, i.e. we are entering Midterm Exam mode. The midterm is a process comprised of many steps (and not just a single test).

If students have not yet downloaded assignment 4, they should do so before this meeting.

I'll be rigorously following the schedule by assignment 4 until the midterm process is over. Ask questions if you have them. Feel free to work ahead on any and all midterm related tasks.

The objective test is Wednesday, April 22nd.

Tuesday, April 21st

1. Day 1: See page 1 instructions of assignment 4. Follow these instructions. Complete the Day 1 task today.

Extra time? Move on to Day 2's tasks.

Wednesday, April 22nd

1. Day 2: Use the glossary of terms you assembled over the course of the unit (and yesterday) to pepare for the objective exam.

Thursday, April 23rd

1. Day 3: Write the objective exam. Log in to your Quia account and go to the History 30 page. Click on the midterm objective test link. Write the test. Submit. The test is time limited (so don't spend too much time on any single question).

Let me know immeidately (by text) if you have a problem.

Friday, April 24th

1. Day 4. See page 2 for a detailed description of today's objectives.

Monday, April 27th

1. Day 5: See page 2 of assignment 4 for detailed instructions.


Tuesday, April 26th

1. Day 6: See page 2 for detailed instructions.


Wednesday, April 27th

1. CIVICS Unit begins.