SOCIAL STUDIES 90: Unit Plan & News
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Enter Social Studies Student Zone (you'll notice some changes on the student zone page; scroll down until you find the Ancient Greece unit).

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for exams.

June 1st
The final day of the semester is Thursday, June 18th. This is the day of the final section end test for the year.

Monday, June 1st

1). Meet at 2:30. Day one of the Ancient Rome unit.

Introduce Rome to the group. Part of the introduction will be the watching of the video The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which Was It?

Following the video we'll discuss its contents setting the stage for the next couple weeks of reading and assignments.

2). Assignment: read Section: The Roman Republi" and complete the associated Section 1 questions and glossary terms.

Tuesday, June 2nd

1). Work period. Complete yesterday's assignment for tomorrow's class.

Wednesday, June 3rd

1). Meet at 2:30. We will take up Section 1 questions and glossary terms.

2). Today's assignment is read Section 2: The Roman Empire and complete the associated glossary terms and questions. Watch the video Final War of the Republic.

3). Complete the required "Chariot Races" assignment (see course website for links).

Both of these assignments are due for next Monday, June 8th.

Thursday, June 4th

1). Work period. Complete yesterday's assignment.


Friday, June 5th

1). Work period. Complete Wednesday's work for this Monday.

Monday, June 8th

1). Meet at 2:30. Correction Section 2 questions and glossary terms. Ensure that the Chariot Races asssignment is submitted.

2). Today's assignment is Section 3: The Rise of Christianity and the associated glossary and section end questions. Watch the video Christianity from Judaism to Constantine.

3). Complete the second required assignment "The Gospel of Matthew".

Both assignments are due for Wednesday, June 10th.

Tuesday, June 9th

1). Work period. Complete both assignments and watch the video assigned from yesterday.

All this work is due for tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 10th

1). Meet at 2:30. Correct Section 3 questions and glossary. Ensure the second required assignment is submitted.

2). Assign Section 4: The Fall of the Roman Empire reading and glossary. Watching the video Fall of the Roman Empire.

Assignment Section 5: Roots of Western Civilization. Complete the associated questions and video (The Byzantine Empire).

Both assignments are due on

Thursday, June 11th

1). Work period.

Friday, June 12th

1). Work period.

Monday, June 15th

1). Meet at 2:30. Correct Section 4.

Any time remaining can be spent working on the map or playing one of the review activities for the test.

Tuesday, June 16th

1). Work period.

-work on missing assignments
-play review games for upcoming test
-practice the map found on the exam outline

Wednesday, June 17th

1). Meet at 2:30. Correct Section 5.

Any time remaining can be spent working on the map, exam review, etc.


Thursday, June 18th

1. The Roman Republic Exam.

Log into your student accounts on Quia and click the appropriate link. Write the test.

Social Studies completed. Make sure any missing work is submitted today.