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April 4th

I have updated the calendar below starting on Monday, April 6th. I wanted to give you a work period so you could tackle Assignment 6 and the four
exam outline questions. We'll meet again on Wednesday, April 8th. Please have Assignment 6 completed, the exam outline questions completed,
and do not forget to send me your Assignment 4. Thanks.

Monday, March 16th


Tuesday, March 17th


Wednesday, March 18th


Thursday, March 19th



Friday, March 20th

1). Teacher PD Day.

Monday, March 30th

1). Meeting today. Check your Google Calendar and join the meeting: 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

At the meeting we will discuss your answers to question 2 of the exam outline and I will introduce Assignment 4: The Role of Technology.

Note: the assignment was originally developed with the mind of using it in a classroom context. Since we're not all together, do not complete step 3 of the assignment. But complete the other steps, e.g. 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Complete the assignment in Google Docs. Share it with me at Give me full-editing privileges.

Tuesday, March 31st

1). Watch the video Mesopotamia. The video is 51 minutes long and will take the entire work period today.



Wednesday, April 1st

1). Start reading at page 10 and read up to page 17.

2). Complete question 3 from the exam outline.

3). You might not have started defining terms from the Archaeology PowerPoint presentation. If you have extra time today, you should update your glossary to include the archaeology and paleobiology terms. The PowerPoint is downloadable from the course website.

Note: we are going to skip Assignment 5. This assignment was designed with completing it inside a classroom together as a whole group.

Thursday, April 2nd

1). Meeting today. Check your Google Calendar and join the meeting: 8:45 am to 9:40 am.

At the meeting we answered question 3 from the exam outline and I introduced Assignment 6: Hammurabi's Code.

3). Work on and complete assignment 6. Share this assignment with your teacher using Google Docs (

Friday, April 3rd

Updated (April 2nd):

1). Meeting today. Check your Google Calendar and join the meeting: 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

We didn't quite get through all of Assignment 4. We'll finish that today and answer question 3. Then I'll introduce Assignment 6.

2). Read pages 18 to 22 in the Civilizations reading.

3). Complete questions 4 to 8 from the exam outline.

4). Spend any extra time completing your glossary of important people, terms, places, concepts.


Monday, April 6th

1). Work period.

a). Work on assignment 6.
b). Work on questions 4 to 8 from the exam outline.

Both due for Wednesday.

2). Time permitting: watch video "Who Were the Olmecs" (2 mins).


Tuesday, April 7th

1). Work period.

a). Complete the two tasks from yesterday.

If you have time to spare, watch the two videos "Mesopotamia" Crash Course World History #3" (12 mins) and "The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1" (11 mins).



Wednesday, April 8th

1). Meeting today. Check your Google Calendar and join the meeting: 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

2). Read pages 22 and 23 from the chapter we are reading. Complete questions 9 and 10 from the exam outline. These questions are due for tomorrow.

3). Work on Assignment 7: The Role of Geography. The assignment was originally developed to be completed in small groups. We are not yet ready to try group work online. So just complete tasks by yourself and ignore the instructions to "discuss in small groups" whenever you see it.

Thursday, April 9th

1). Meeting today. Check your Google Calendar and join the meeting: 8:45 am to 9:40 am.

2). We will answer questions 9 and 10.

The rest of the period is for you to work on assignment 7. When you finish please submit it to the teacher at

3). If you complete assignment 7, play some of the review games and/or work on finishing the glossary of terms.

You should start reviewing that glossary in order to prepare for the upcoming test.


Friday, April 10th

1). Easter Break begins. Class resumes on Monday, April 20th.

Monday, April 20th

1). Watch the video "Water and Civilization" (11 mins).

2). Watch the video "Why Societies Collapse" (20 mins).

3). Spend any extra time working on assignments, playing review games, reviewing the glossary, and otherwise preparing for the test.

Tuesday, April 21st

1). Work period. Study and prepare for Tuesday's test.

This means playing games, reviewing questions, re-reading the Civilization reading if you like, watching movies, or playing the games.

Wednesday, April 22nd

1). Unit 2: Exam.
The exam covers everything from the unit outline. Know everything on the outline. The test becomes available at 8:40 until 9:50 am. You'll have 1 hour and ten minutes to complete the test.

Log into your Quia Student Account. Find your Social Studies class page. Click "View" and you'll see all the available tests you can write.

If you have any issues trying to login, text me at 306 867 4282 as quick as possible describing your problem. We might have to talk over the phone to resolve your problem quickly.

Thursday, April 23rd

1). Under Construction.