Arrival & Contact
40,000 BCE to 1670 AD


1.0 Introduction
1.0.1 Introduction Continued
1.1 The Five Nations
1.2 Arrival & Contact
1.3 Newfoundland & New France
1.4 The Fur Trade

Section 1 Skills & Objectives (PPT)
Section 1 Story Outline (PDF)

1.0 Challenge Board
1.0.1 Rags to Riches
1.1 Rags to Riches
1.2 Challenge Board
1.3 Rags to Riches
1.4 Challenge Board
Section 1 Practice Map
Whole Unit Review Game
Unit 1 Exam Outline (PDF)
1.0 Precontact Map Assignment (PDF)
1.0 Precontact Website
1.4 Map of Forts Assignment (PDF)
1.4 Master Map (PDF)

Five Nations (TUTORIAL)
1491 (MOVIE)
Great Law (MOVIE)
Vikings (MOVIE)
Jacques Cartier (MOVIE)
John Cabot (MOVIE)
Why'd the Europeans Come? (PDF)
Iroquois-French Comparison (PDF)
Ice Age Challenge (GAME)

The Colonial Wars
1689 to 1774 AD

2.0 Colonial Wars
2.1 King William's War
2.2 Queen Anne & King George's Wars
2.3 French-Indian War
2.4 Military Government

Section 2 Story Outline (PDF)
2.0 Challenge Board
2.1 Rags to Riches
2.2 Rags to Riches
2.3 Challenge Board
2.4 Rags to Riches
Whole Unit Review Game





Unit 2 Exam Outline (PDF)
2.1 Map Assignment (PDF)
Colonial War Interactive Timeline
Colonial Wars (TUTORIAL)
English, French, Americans (TUTORIAL)
The Imperial Wars (WEBSITE)
Colonial Wars (MOVIE)
Frotenac/Phips (MOVIE)
Colonial War Companion (PDF)
Quebec Act Companion (PDF)
Plains of Abraham (PPT)
"1759" Flash Game (GAME)
The Imperial Wars (WEBSITE)

Canada & the American Revolution
1760 to 1800 AD

3.0 Canada & the Revolution
3.1 American Invades
3.2 The Loyalists
3.3 Upper & Lower Canada

Section 3 Story Outline (PDF)
3.0 Challenge Board
3.1 Rags to Riches
3.2 Cloze Activity
3.3 Rags to Riches
3.3.1 Battleship Review
Section 3 Practice Map
Whole Unit Review Game
Unit 3 Exam Outline ((PDF)
3.1 Write a Letter to the Americans (PDF)
3.1 Middleton's Appeal Reference
3.3 North America Map Assignment (PDF)
3.3 North America Reference Map
Canada & the American Rev. (TUTORIAL)
Canada: What is a Nation? (TUTORIAL)
Open Letter to French (MOVIE)
Important People (MOVIE)
America (1760-75) (WEBSITE)

War, Rebellion & Reform
1800 to 1850 AD


4.0 War of 1812
4.1 Road to Rebellion
4.2 Rebellions
4.3 Responsible Government


Section 4 Story Outline (PDF)
4.0 Challenge Board
4.1 Rags to Riches
4.2 Challenge Board
4.3 Rags to Riches
Whole Unit Review Game

Unit 4 Exam Outline ((PDF)
4.0 Biography Assignment (PDF)
4.3 Secret Identity Assignment (PDF)
4.3 Secret Identity Application
Tecumseh (TUTORIAL)
The Westminster System (TUTORIAL)
Responsible Government (MOVIE)
War of 1812 (MOVIE)
Republican Itch Music Video (SILLY)

Virtual Canada Meets IB
Added 2015


Laying the Foundations
1860 to 1911 AD


Chapter 4: A Nation Emerges
Chapter 5: French-English Relations
Chapter 6: Canadian-American Relations



Causes of Confederation Activity
Unit 5 Exam Review
Unit 5 Cloze Notes (DOC)
Sir John A. MacDonald (VIDEO)
Louis Riel (VIDEO)
Sitting Bull (VIDEO)
George Etienne Cartier (VIDEO)
Soddies (VIDEO)
Sir Sanford Fleming (VIDEO)
Chinese Laborers Rails (VIDEO)
Nellie McClung (VIDEO)

The War to End All Wars
1910 to 1919 AD


Chapter 7: War on the W. Front
Chapter 8: War on the H. Front
Chapter 9: Coming of Age


Chapter 7 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 8 Story Outline (PDF)
World War I Review Activity
Unit 6 Exam Review
Unit 6 Cloze Notes (DOC)
Unit 5 Jeopardy Review Game Text File (TXT) THIS FILE WORKS
Jeopardy Executable (EXE)
Halifax Explosion (VIDEO)
John McRae (VIDEO)
Nursing Sisters (VIDEO)
Valor Road (VIDEO)
Vimy Ridge (VIDEO)
Winnie (VIDEO)
Canada Between the Wars
1919 to 1939 AD


Chapter 10: Prosperity & Depression
Chapter 10 Story Outline (PDF)
Unit 7 Cloze Notes (DOC)
Unit 7 Fascism & Communism Explained
Hard Times in Canada (DOCUMENTARY)

Canada & World War II
1939 to 1945 AD


Chapter 12: The Breakdown of Peace
Chapter 13: War on the Home Front
Chapter 14: Canada's Role in Ending the War

Chapter 12 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 13 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 14 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 12 Review Activity
Chapter 13 Review Activity
Chapter 14 Review Activity #1
Chapter 14 Review Activity #2
Unit 8 Cloze Notes (DOC)
Unit 8 Jeopardy Review Game Text File (TXT) THIS FILE WORKS
Jeopardy Executable (EXE)

World War II: Crash Course in History (VIDEO)
Juno Beach (VIDEO)
Mona Parsons (VIDEO)
Osborn of Hong Kong (VIDEO)

World War II Practice Test

Canada & the Cold War
1945 to 1991 AD


Chapter 15: Canada's Role on the International Stage

The Quiet Revolution
The October Crisis

Chapter 14 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 15 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 16 Story Outline (PDF)
Chapter 15 Review #1
Chapter 15 Review #2
Chapter 15 Review #3
Unit 9 Cloze Notes (DOC)
Unit 8 Jeopardy Review Game Text File (TXT) THIS FILE WORKS
Jeopardy Executable (EXE)

Canada & the Cold War (VIDEO)
Cold War: Crash Course in History (VIDEO)
End of the Cold War: Crash Course (VIDEO)

Cold War Practice Test

Canada: The Crucible
1991 to Present

These readings are intended to augment (or add) to the three story outlines found to the right, e.g. War on Terror, Global Economic Meltdown, and Climate Change.

Canada & the War on Terror

Canada & the Economic Meltdown (2008-2009)

Canada & the Tar Sands

Canada & Climate Change

War on Terror Story Outline (PDF)
Global Economic Story Meltdown (PDF)
Climate Change Story Outline (PDF)
Review Games for Section 10
Located in Final Exam Review Section
Unit 10 Cloze Notes (DOC)

Canada: War on Terror Part 1 (VIDEO)
Canada: War on Terror Part 2 (VIDEO)
Canada: War on Terror Part 3 (VIDEO)

The Global Economic Meltdown Explained (VIDEO)
The Global Economic Meltdown Explained for Kids (VIDEO)

Canada and Climate Change (VIDEO)
Canada and Climate Change 2 (VIDEO)

History 30 Final Exam
Use the following activities to prepare for your final exam. Please note that some of the activities were developed for previous final exams; nonetheless, all the activities will be relevant to your preparations.

Remember to review your cloze notes for sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. This will help you master the objective content.


History 30 Final Exam Outline
"The End of History" Reading
Section 5 Review Games
Section 6 Review Games
Section 8 Reveiw Games
Section 9 Review Games
General Chapter Review
Section 10: War on Terror
Section 10: Global Ecoonomic Meltdown
Section 10: Climate Change
Climate Consensus Study Video
Hydraulic Fracturing Video
Practice Test #1
Practice Test #2
Practice Test #3