Night Unit Plan
1. Elie Wiesel's Night (PDF)
Meet Elie Wiesel (PDF)
First They Came PowerPoint (PPT)
Why We Remember (PDF)
2. "Catagloue Experiences" Novel Study Assignment (PDF)
"Catalogue Experiences" Novel Study Assignment (WORD)
It Experience Video Example1 (VIDEO)
It Experience Video Example 2 (VIDEO)
3. Holocaust Denialism Introduction (PDF)

Perspectives on Antisemitism Assignment (PDF)
Perspectives on Antisemitism Assignment (WORD)

Deborah Lipstadt Speech (VIDEO)

Podcast Title
1. A Disturbing Look at Antisemitism
2. The Rise of Racism in Europe
3. Developments in Eastern Europe
4. An Unlikely Friendship
5. The Influence of Propaganda
6. The Power of Conformity
7. Defying Antisemitic Stereotypes
8. Teaching the Holocaust in Tunisia
9. The Holocaust in Turkey
4. Niemoller Blackboard Quote (IMAGE)
Winfrey & Wiesel (VIDEO)
The Theodicy: Exploring the Themes and Implications of Night
5. Theodicy Introductory PowerPoint (PPT)
"Good Bye Blue Sky" (VIDEO)
"The World I know" (VIDEO)
6. Understanding Poetry Through Dickinson (PPT)
Providential Poetry Assignment (PDF)
Providential Poetry Assignment (WORD)
7. Belief in an Age of Doubt (PDF)
Belief in an Age of Doubt (WORD)
8.. Summative Assessment Assignment (PDF)
Summative Assessment Assignmet (WORD)
"Friday's Child" read by W. H. Auden
How to Write About Theme PowerPoint (PPT)